Early adopters of the Galaxy Nexus encountered the volume bug on the new Ice Cream Sandwich device. Thankfully Google just recently released an over-the-air update that fixes this in a snap. Before this official patch came out though, a member of the XDA Developers forum was able to come up with a procedure to get rid of this bug. It actually involves the official and fixed boot.img file that comes with the OTA update and of course some rooting.

If you haven’t received the update yet or simply have a perverse tendency to rummage about in your brand new Galaxy Nexus’ root directory then here’s the long way (and risky) method of fixing the volume rocker bug.

Your superphone should have an unlocked bootloader. To learn how to set this up check out this guide on how to root the Galaxy Nexus. Next, head on over to the XDA Developers forum and get the necessary boot.img file. Look for member paulobrien as he came up with this procedure.

1. Download and extract the file in your desktop.

You should put the contents into an easily navigable location as you may have to go there later on using the desktop’s command prompt interface.

2. Go into bootloader mode.

This is done by simultaneously pressing and holding the up and down volume keys while you press the phone’s power button. Afterwards connect the device to your desktop with a USB cable.

3. Carry out the fix.

There are three ways to do this depending on whether your desktop is on a Windows, Mac OS or Linux platform. For Windows, simply pull up the Run utility, type in install-windows.bat, and press Enter. On Mac OS or Linux computer, you’ll need to go into the command prompt interface and go to the directory where you extracted the boot.img file.

For a Mac, the commands to type after getting to the directory are:

Chmod +x install-mac.sh


For a Linux, just change all instances of “install-mac.sh” to “install-linux.sh” (of course without the quotes).