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Manage Your Schedule, With “Tasks N Todos”

January 9, 2012

If you are one my readers, you will know that I usually start my reviews with a lecture of how the current society affects the way we do things. Yes, this is true. But, to manage these events, you are just going to need Tasks N Todos.

Tasks N Todos is a free application found in the Android Market. Its main purpose is to inform the mobile phone user that certain tasks, involving school, work and family should be completed before a selected due date.

For example, look at it as a grocery list. Yes, you have a complete list of all the items you will need in order to bust out an old family recipe for the holidays. But, you forgot it at home. With Tasks N Todos, it is incorporated with the Google Tasks system, to ensure synchronization for no matter what device, just as long as you have your Google account handy.

Synchronization with Google Tasks

Google Tasks has developed an add-on capable for use with a Google account. With the help of GMail, iGoogle, and Calendar it is as easy as ever to sync back and forth of your tasks.

Tasks N Todos makes it easy to do this through its “Settings”. In the menu the user will have the ability to change the sync process: from automatic, manual, and an off capability.

Addition and Deletion of Tasks

With a visible, orange colored “+” button, adding and sorting lists is a breeze. I also found it really easy to add specific tasks. On one screen, users will be able to add a due date and a title. Included, there is a “note” box, just in case you would like to add any additional information.

Along with adding tasks, deleting is just as easy. If you using the app for one time events, it would make more sense to delete it, rather than check it off the list. To do this, simply by tapping the list, or task.

Widgets, Tablet Optimization, and SD Card Capability

To give users universal access, along with Google Tasks, Tablet optimization has been included. Tasks N Todos is currently compatible with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and has support for upcoming Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) tablets.

With the incorporation of widget support you will be able to view and sync recent tasks i na matter of seconds, right from the home screen. And how about SD Card support? You will be able to backup and restore tasks to your SD card. Pretty cool if not using Google Tasks.

Tasks N Todos is one of the most reliable applications for this year. I have personally used it for work and school, jotting down important notes and dates.

If you need an app that works efficiently and is easy to maneuver, Tasks n Todo’s will be the assistant to do it all.

What do you think of Tasks n Todo’s? Can it handle your tasks? I would love to hear your comments.