We’ve talked about a lot of Siri alternatives for Android, but one that we haven’t yet mentioned is Maluuba. Until today it was only available for customers in the U.S. and Canada, but today Maluuba extends its reach to the U.K., Ireland and Australia.

Unlike some other voice-activated personal assistant apps, Maluuba makes a point of using Natural Language Processing. Essentially, this enables you to ask Maluuba questions like you would a person, as opposed to having to use specific phrases that the app understands. For example, saying something like “Set an alarm for tomorrow at 7am” will work as expected, as would most variations on the phrase.

While Maluuba is good at understanding what you say to it, it doesn’t talk back. Instead, information is displayed in a series of tiles that are more reminiscent of Windows Phone 8. Strange, given that Maluuba is only available for Android.

While a lot of apps are trying to take on Siri, and more recently Google Now, Maluuba may have an advantage in that it is backed by Samsung Ventures, receiving $2 million in funding. Google Now is obviously going to be pre-installed on a lot of handsets, making it harder for Maluuba to gain ground. If Samsung was to start including Maluuba on its own devices, that could be a major boost for them.

While the video below has nothing to do with Maluuba’s launch in new countries, it does do a good job of showing off the company’s sense of humor.

Maluuba is a free download in the Google Play Store.

Have you had a chance to try Maluuba? What’s your favorite Siri alternative for Android? Do you even use one?