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Make Your Home Screen Look Like Ice Cream Sandwich's in Just 4 Steps

November 2, 2011

Can’t wait to get your hands on the ultimate dessert that everyone in the Android community is drooling about? Then look no further.  You can now lick and taste that sweet Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that many people are going nuts about.

While most of you are waiting for the official Android update for your phone or tablet, you might want to check and try this one out for a spin.

Developers and modders from XDA Developers have come up with the idea of dressing up your phone to look like that of the real Ice Cream Sandwich update. It perfectly works on older versions of your phone and it does give an authentic touch of creativity.

Ice Cream Sandwich is by far the best looking UI in many of Android’s lineup of updates. Most of you will agree with me that ICS has got the eye candy looks that kills.

In order for you to fully experience ICS and all of its treasure troves you must have a rooted phone. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the guys at XDA Developers mainly require a rooted phone running on a custom ROM, most specifically CyanogenMod 7, for this ICS dress-up to work flawlessly. Users who already rooted their phone would probably be familiar with CyanogenMod, as it is the most popular custom ROM to date.

So, if you’ve met all the necessary requirements, then it’s time to whip out that delicious ICS and put its looks on your device. Follow the instructions below and you’re good to go:

  1. Download the latest ICS wallpapers package, install it on your phone, then choose it as your new wallpaper.  Get the Android Package (APK) from either here or here.
  2. Download the latest ICS theme APK file (current version is ICS_Alpha).  Save the theme to your SD card.  Install the package using your file manager app.
  3. Open the Theme Chooser app and select the ICS theme that you just installed in the previous step.
  4. Reboot your phone.  Your home launcher will now look like the default Home screen on ICS.

For the hardcore ICS feel you might want to tinker a little bit more with your phone’s settings. You must download the ICS Extras files that include all the basic ICS requirements like wallpapers and icons need to set the ICS look.

There is also the option to change not only the icons but also the looks of several of your apps but needs some installation of MetaMorph to get you started. This method is kind of tricky if you happen to have no experience in custom modification of your phone. But, with a bit of practice you can make it happen. XDA Developers offers a complete tutorial with regards to custom ICS ROMs.

For those of you who are not satisfied with merely changing the icons and wallpapers to make it look like the ICS, then luckily for you, XDA Developers managed to hack a port of the latest Ice Cream Sandwich exclusively distributed for the Google Nexus S.

In order for it to work successfully, you need to have a rooted phone and some above average computer skills for it to work properly. It does offer a sweet taste of the basic ICS functions, although expect a few bugs and glitches that include missing icons, lag, and force closes.

If you still want to take on the ICS experience, the custom ROM is readily available for download. Feel free to further customize your phone by downloading the ICS clock and some other icons.

Have you got that ICS look on your phone?