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How to create and print labels from an Excel list

Start printing labels using data in your Excel spreadsheets.
February 27, 2023

Using Excel to create labels can be a bit tricky due to the way spreadsheets appear in the program. For newer users, it can be difficult to know where a page begins and ends, so customizing something like a label page may seem daunting. Luckily, Microsoft Word has a function that allows you to create labels from Excel spreadsheets. Let’s review how to make an Excel sheet into labels.


To make an Excel sheet into labels, launch Microsoft Word. Go to Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard… > Labels > Next: Starting document > Change document layout > Layout options…. Identify your label size and layout, then click OK. Click Next: Select recipients > Use an existing list > Browse…. In File Explorer, locate your Excel spreadsheet with the labels, then open it. Click the sheet with your labels, then OK. Use the checkboxes to select all relevant addresses, then OK. Click Next: Arrange your labels > Address block…. Customize your label arrangement, then click OK. Click Update all labels > Next: Preview your labels > Next: Complete the merge.

How to create mailing labels in Word from an Excel sheet

makeshift excel sheet
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For this to work, you must already have an Excel spreadsheet with the data you need for your mailing labels. For example, we will be using this Excel document containing our targets’ names, addresses, cities, ZIP codes, and phone numbers. Not all data will transfer, but you can customize your labels after they’re set up.

Launch Microsoft Word. Go to the Mailings tab from the document where you wish to create your labels.

go to the mailings tab word
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In the Start Mail Merge section, click the Start Mail Merge dropdown.

word go to start mail merge
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Select Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard… from the options below.

word go to labels...
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Under Select document type, click Labels, then click Next: Starting document.

labels then starting document
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Next, it’s time to identify the kind of label you’re using for your document layout.

Under Select starting document, click Change document layout. Then, under Change document layout, click the Label options… button.

change document layout label options
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Identify the labels you will be printing on. Use the Label vendors dropdown to choose your brand, then identify the exact product number of the labels you are using. When finished, click OK.

choose your labels then ok
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Once you’ve identified your labels for your document layout, click Next: Select recipients.

select recipients
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Under Select recipients, click Use an existing list. Then, under Use an existing list, click the Browse… button.

browse existing list
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In File Explorer, locate the Excel spreadsheet containing all the address data for your labels. Select it, then click Open.

find and open labels from excel
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Click the sheet in the Select Table menu, then click OK.

find sheet and press ok
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Select all addresses you want to include in your labels using the checkboxes. When satisfied, click OK.

select recipients then press ok
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Click Next: Arrange your labels.

arrange your labels word
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Under Arrange your labels, click the Address block… button.

go to address block...
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You can customize the way your address data appears for the labels here. When finished, click OK.

fix your labels then press ok when finished
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Under Replicate labels, click Update all labels. This will add all of your selected addresses to the template.

update all labels
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Click Next: Preview your labels.

preview your labels
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When satisfied, select Next: Complete the merge.

complete the merge
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Your label sheet created from the original Excel document is now complete. You can click Print… to print them immediately, Edit individual labels to further customize the sheet, or save the document for later.

print or save or edit labels
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