India’s one of the upcoming tech giants. The subcontinent is home to millions and, like China, has a growing middle-class that seeks the technological revolution of the first-world. Of course, since products made abroad are usually expensive, local manufacturers are trying their best to bridge the gap. EAFT has just produced an excellent little tablet – the Magictile Marathon tablet.

For anyone looking for a modern tablet, the Magictile is a good find. It packs the regulation nVidia Tegra 2 chip and 10-inch touchscreen. These put it squarely in the higher-end of the tablet wars – right up there with Motorola’s XOOM and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. It’s also got all the usual features that one expects from a modern tablet: 1080p video play back, USB ports, WiFi an 3G connectivity, and an HDMI port.

All in all, an excellent package. The main problem is that it’s using an outdated operating system. Android 2.2 is a decent enough OS – however it was designed for smartphones. This makes it a bit of a tight fit for a 10-inch tablet; smart phones have 4 to 5 inch screen at best and translating that to a bigger screen creates a few difficulties.

There’s also a bit of a problem with the price. The current price tag for it is 29,990 rupees. This converts at around $675. Most high-end tablets aim for the iPad sweet spot of around $500. It would have been fine with an update OS, but with Froyo installed, this maybe a tough sell. However, with the Indian market as it is, this may be a hit – hopefully it upgrades to 3.2 in the future.

Source: Engadget

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