Many of us NFL fans are feeling the urge to play Madden 12 now that the second round of the NFL Playoffs are getting under way this weekend, and EA has made that easier for those who haven’t already bought Madden 12. EA has put the newest version of the most popular NFL video game of all time, on sale at the Android Market for only $.99, it’s usually about $5. In case you forgot or didn’t know, Madden 12 is optimized for your favorite tablet.

Just remember that you will probably need to be near wifi after you download the game, because you will need to download 300MB more game data before you can start playing the game. For those on limited data plans, that can really eat through your data and perhaps cost you overage fees. Remember this price is only for a limited time, so hurry up and pick this one up before it goes back to it’s regular price.

Download it today by clicking the source link below, let us know how addicting it is. I am already addicted to it, I’ve played every version that was available for Android.