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Future calling: Machine learning specialists wanted

Machine learning and AI are the future. You can quickly become an expert with this ten-part bundle, and only pay what you want.
June 9, 2018
Machine learning
Ever since films like The Terminator and The Matrix, AI and Machine Learning have been the coolest fields of technology. Well these principles are now a reality, and with The 2018 Machine Learning Bundle you could quickly master them.

Bear in mind that as machines take more and more of the jobs out there, the market value of machine learning experts will rapidly increase. Who do think Skynet employed?

“I fear that AI may replace humans altogether” - Stephen Hawking

One of the main uses of these techniques in the present day is for data analysis. This might not sound quite as futuristic as the ‘Minority Report’ world, but the principles are the same. It’s also worth noting that the ability to build sophisticated financial models is an extremely marketable skill.

This expansive online learning kit comprises 6 e-books & 12.5 hours of training. To understand the concepts you’re going to learn various coding techniques mainly based in Python. This is one of the most widely used programming languages today, so it’s a handy club to have in your bag.

Here’s the machine learning package:

The whole package is worth almost $850. But you can pay what you want.

Here’s how it works: Even if you just pay $1, you’ll get the ‘Test Driven Machine Learning’ e-book and be build a neural network in no time.

If you beat the average price then you get the whole bundle. At the time of writing the average was about $12, so you’re saving an absolute fortune. There are no elephant traps here; this isn’t one of those scams in which you pay to ‘bid’. You’re just naming your price for a library of e-books and courses.

Machine learning

If you’re feeling generous you can pay to beat the leader. Even if you’re only atop the leaderboard for a few moments, you’ll be straight into a prize draw for $500 Ethereum, which could presumably be worth $3,000 or $25 a week later.

The earlier you jump in, the cheaper it is, so find the deal via the button below.

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