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Use Machine Learning to invest intelligently

You don't have to be a genius or a savant to predict the stock market. You just need the right tools.
February 24, 2017

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If you already know what machine learning is and understand how it could be employed advantageously in the stock market, then you might want to skim through this article quickly to get straight to the offer. For the rest who aren’t quite in the know:

Neal Stephenson once observed that the economy is the closest thing we have to magic.

“Money” is, of course, an abstract concept. An agreed-upon illusion that serves to grease all the wheels of civilization.

What makes the economy different than hard sciences like physics or chemistry is that it appears to be fundamentally unpredictable.

However, we are getting increasingly sophisticated with the tools we use to anticipate the fluxes and dives of the global economy. And at the heart of this technology is machine learning.

Machine learning is the process by which computers are able to take staggering amounts of information and render them into coherent models.

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It’s gotten to the point that we have machine learning modules that are capable of ‘reading’ novels in a matter of minutes and determining the overarching plot structure – all without understanding the concepts of character, theme, or setting.

Machines have gotten so good at picking up on patterns that they don’t have to understand the nature of the information they’re being fed. They just have to be able to identify trends.

That’s why if you want to be investing intelligently in 2017, you’re going to need machine learning on your side.

In the 2009 novel “In the Courts of the Sun” by Brian D’Amato, the book’s protagonist Jed DeLanda is able to casually make a fortune on the stock market – not because he’s a particularly savvy investor – but because he’s a genius programmer who specializes in identifying trends.

In the 2015 movie about the 2008 economic collapse, Christian Bale’s potentially on-the-autism-spectrum character Michael Burry is able to make a killing just because he was able to anticipate the downward spiral of the housing market through pattern recognition.

Machine learning is the process by which computers are able to take staggering amounts of information and render them into coherent models.

But this ability isn’t limited to genius programmers and savants. If you have the knack, it’s possible for you to identify these kinds of trends from your home computer.

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The Complete Machine Learning Bundle is 10 course set aimed at making you an expert at processing, interpreting, and predicting large scale data problems.

Although the course selections are mostly general, the inclusion of the popular offering Quant Trading Using Machine Learning is telling of the coursework’s potential financial use. By applying the skills offered in these learning kits, you’ll be able to render the overwhelmingly complex world of business into easy to interpret and accurate narratives.

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