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How to become a machine learning and AI specialist

Machine learning and AI are the exciting future, with great prospects for experts. You can get a solid introduction to both fields for just $39.
July 4, 2018
Machine Learning and AI

The rise of the machines is coming.

By that, I don’t mean that someone is about to break through a singularity and create a rapidly self-teaching AI that will enslave all of humanity. I mean, that’s probably on the cards too, but it’s not really what we’re talking about today.

We’re talking about automation. Smart machines performing roles traditionally held by human beings. They’re already used today in medicine, robotics, remote sensors, and even in ATMs. As exciting as all this is, there is a real threat to the job market in the near future.

'By the 2030s around 38% of all U.S. jobs could be replaced by AI and automation.' - PWC

That’s scary stuff, but not if you’re one of the experts making these smart bots!

Machine learning is the future. Google has even cited it as their top focus of innovation for the coming years. The good news is that online courses make it possible for practically anyone to become a professional on the subject.

The Intro to Machine Learning and AI Bundle is the perfect example of this. We’re spotlighting it today because this normally pricey set of expert-led courses has been massively price dropped, from $1,195 down to just $39.

Machine learning and AI

This four-course bundle introduces you to many aspects of AI and machine learning. You’ll learn ideas and techniques in the design of intelligent computer systems, understand how to build agents that exhibit reasoning and learning, explore the science behind neural networks, etc. It’s exciting stuff.

You’ll also learn the R programming language, which is the code used in many data analysis models exhibiting machine learning. This sets you up nicely for highly-paid analyst roles in leading financial institutions.

Here’s the full machine learning package:

At just $39, you’re making a massive 96% saving on the individual retail values of the courses if you manage to sign up before the offer ends. You get access for life too, so you can take advantage of the deal now and dive in whenever you have the time.

Time to become future-proof. Hit the button below to find the deal.

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