Back in the day, indie video games have not been quite that popular on Android, but things started to change not long ago, especially due to initiatives like the Humble Bundle. Android users began to realize that indie does not necessarily mean poor quality or glitchy. So it should come as no surprise that several promising independent games are making their way to Google Play.

Machinarium is the latest indie game to be made available for Android. While its name might not say much to some of you, Machinarium is a pretty successful game for PC, PS3, and the iPad 2. In fact, it has won quite its share of awards back in 2009, when it was, for example, a PC Game of the Year runner-up in Kotaku’s prestigious annual competition.

Designed especially for tablets, Machinarium should run smoothly on slates with high-resolution screens (1024 x 600 pixels and up), as well as on newer phones with large high-res displays (the Galaxy Nexus or the Note, for example). You should also know that you might encounter glitches and bugs even on newer phones with high-res screens, issues that should be solved soon enough, according to the developer’s claims.

I’m not going to run you through the entire Machinarium plot, but I won’t spoil anything by telling you that the main target of the game is to solve puzzles and “brain teasers”. The puzzles are linked together by an overworld consisting of a traditional “point and click” adventure story.

The game might look basic and simple at a first glance, but some of the puzzles are actually pretty difficult to solve, while the hand-drawn graphics are retro-looking and beautiful. If you’re expecting special effects, explosions, and spectacular shootings, though, I hate to disappoint you, but Machinarium is not the game for you.

Machinarium for Android is unfortunately (or maybe not) not a freemium title, so you’ll have to pay a few bucks to install it on your device. However, you won’t have to dig deep in your pockets (it’s just $3.99 in Google Play right now) and chances are that you’ll fall in love with the game almost instantly.

Before purchasing and downloading Machinarium for Android, check out the short trailer below and make sure that your tablet (or phone) is on the list of supported devices.  Have fun and don’t forget to check back to us with a comment telling us what you think of this new retro-looking, but addictive Android game!