Those who have an annual subscription to Popular Science magazine are probably disappointed by how the future has turned out so far. It’s 2012, and we have yet to see one flying car on the street or a teleportation machine that can take us to far corners of the world within seconds. The future may not be here yet — or is it? — but the introduction of Google Glasses may just take us there faster.

Unfortunately, aside from the scientists and engineers who are involved directly on the Google Glasses project, few employees of the company know about the device. It seems that Google has been keeping information under tight wraps, as the project continues to be developed at Google X, the top-secret laboratories where out-of-this-world ideas are brainstormed and made into reality.

What exactly are Google Glasses anyway? Think of them as eyeglasses that double as a mini computer screen. Expected to run Android OS, the glasses are equipped with, among others, GPS, motion sensors, and camera that can send out information about on-screen objects.  Location information and augmented reality will be the major selling points of Google Glasses.

It’s just our luck that we don’t have to wait too long to see the device in action. Another company, Lumus, has been working on wearable see-through display. Codenamed OE-31, the glasses were recently showcased by the company, and you get to see it all in the videos below. Weighing a mere 10 grams, the glasses can display images that are equivalent to a 40-inch screen, 30 m away.

It is believed that the device is using the same technology as Google Glasses and it won’t be too far-fetched to assume that this is what Google has been working on. But this is pure speculation from our side. According to the New York Times, Google Glasses will be introduced by the end of the year and will carry a price tag between $250 and $600.

Source: TalkAndroid

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