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LTE Galaxy Note 3 to be more energy efficient thanks to Qualcomm chip, report says

The LTE Galaxy Note 3 model is expected to be more energy-efficient when it comes to LTE-related power consumption, thanks to a special Qualcomm chip (an envelope tracker).
September 7, 2013
Galaxy Note 3

The recently announced Galaxy Note 3 is yet to be tore down in order for curious fans to check out its internals, but a new report says that inside the LTE version there may be an interesting component that will help prolong the battery life of the device.

GigaOM says that the LTE Galaxy Note 3 version contains a “Qualcomm chip called an envelope tracker,” that improves the power-efficiency related to LTE connectivity.

According to the publication, the envelope tracker matches “the power pushed through the phone’s signal amplifier to the actual power needed to transmit a signal.”

To better describe the differences between LTE and 3G when it comes to power consumption, GigaOM offers an apt analogy given by a company that works on envelope tracking technology:

The best explanation was given to [GigaOM] last year by Jeremy Hendy, VP of sales and marketing at envelope tracking pioneer Nujira: LTE is classical music. 3G is heavy metal. Classical music has long quiet interludes punctuated with wild crescendos, while heavy metal is pretty uniform in loudness. Heavy metal is going to sound just as good (or bad) on any amp, but classical music requires much higher power to capture its nuance.

“You need a high-powered amp for LTE otherwise the signal is distorted,” Hendy said. “That’s why the power on an LTE [handset] is so bad. For every 4 watts you put in you only get 1 watt out.”

We’re yet to see battery life tests for the Galaxy Note 3, especially for the LTE version, but we’ll certainly tell you more details about the it in the coming weeks.

We’ll remind you that Samsung will have two Galaxy Note 3 versions in stores, an LTE model (powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor) and a non-LTE version (with an Exynos 5 Octa chip inside). When it comes to battery, the handset packs 3200mAh Li-Ion battery.

The envelope tracker technology is expected to be found in more mobile devices in the future, in order to improve their battery life.