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Loonies - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Loonies. If you like pinball games mixed with puzzle games with a little multiplayer thrown in, don't miss this one!
October 9, 2014

What is Loonies?

Loonies is a puzzle game mixed with a pinball game. You bounce around as a customizable ball which the game lovingly calls a Loonie. You can battle friends head-to-head or play alone. Prepare for mass explosions of color.

Here’s how the game works. Using touch controls and the game physics, you bounce your little Loonie around the screen collecting gems, points, and power ups. After a bit the game will open up the finish line and you then must get your critter into it to complete the game. People playing head-to-head will then be scored based on their gem collecting skills and the winner will be announced. You can face your Facebook friends and there is a pass-and-play mode if you prefer to do it that way. You can also play with random players.

The Loonies characters can be customized to your taste which is a nice little touch. The pinball physics are reminiscent of the old bonus levels in Sonic the Hedgehog albeit with more color and more control. We wish it had Google Play Games services including multiplayer because the game play seems very well suited for it. It does support Facebook if you happen to be using that.

loonies screenshot
Overall, this is a very simple game that can be a lot of fun. The developers haven’t updated in a while which is a shame because there are a few bugs that do need fixed. We also wish there were Google Play Games multiplayer. If you can get over those problems, the game is colorful, addictive, and fun. It’s also free to play!