Lookout Mobile Security started out as an Android app and would later make its way into the iOS system as well. Lookout acts as an antivirus, like the one you might have on your computer, to help you block malware, spyware, and Trojans, and it can locate your phone (now your tablet as well) when it’s missing by activating a loud alarm even if it’s on silent. After creating an iOS app, Lookout still wasn’t satisfied and aimed to bring their ultimate security to tablets.

Despite the fact that there are more iPads than Android tablets, Lookout has returned to its native operating system (Android) to develop an app that keeps your tablet as safe as your phone (if you have Lookout on your phone). Now, Lookout offers support for Android tablets (3.0+). In addition, if you already use Lookout for any other device, your dashboard will monitor both of your devices. Although the real app has not gone public yet, and our picture shows the desktop version of Lookout on the Motorola Xoom, Lookout should be rolling out Lookout Mobile Security for Android Tablets (3.0+) within the next few weeks or even days.

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