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Thieves be damned! LoJack is making its way to the Galaxy S4

Look what's making its way over to the Samsung Galaxy S4! LoJack for Android not only allows remote wiping of your data, it can also help you actually recover your phone.
May 22, 2013
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Today’s mobile devices are not only expensive, they also often contain sensitive data and precious photos. Keeping our phones safe and out of the wrong hands is certainly important, and that’s why there are quite a few security apps out there that can not only remotely wipe the content of your mobile device, they can even lock or track the device.

These types of apps certainly add an extra layer of protection, but they rarely result in the return of your lost or stolen smartphone. Not only that, it is possible that an experienced thief could find a way to wipe the phone, removing your ability to track it down. That’s where Samsung comes in, bringing Absolute Software’s LoJack for Android over to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

With LoJack software you not only get an easy way to wipe sensitive information, you also receive the assistance of LoJack’s recovery specialists. While Absolute Software doesn’t fully guarantee they will be able to get back your phone, their service agreement does promise you some level of compensation in the event that it can’t be returned to you.


Okay, but what about the whole app wiping thing? Unlike most security apps, LoJack isn’t an app. Instead, the service exists as a firmware layer. That doesn’t make it completely foolproof, but it certainly makes it much more difficult for a thief to get around it. You hear that would-be thieves!? As Lil’ Wayne would put it: “You ain’t got nuthin on me the GS4!”

The only catch to the LoJack service is that it is in a dormant state unless you choose to activate by paying for a subscription, which starts at $29.99 per year. Subscriptions range in terms from one to four years.

This is certainly a great move for Samsung, and an appreciated feature for those of us that want to take our phone security to a whole new level. Expect LoJack for Android service to become available sometime this summer, perhaps as early as June.

What do you think, is LoJack for Android worth the cost? Or do you feel there are better solutions already out there?