A password is meant for security, preventing unauthorized people from accessing private and important information. Still, it doesn’t guarantee absolute protection, for it also has its own limitations.

For instance, you are not protected from keyloggers that can grab your login data anytime. Furthermore, if you have numerous online service accounts, remembering all those passwords without mixing them up is quite a challenge, except if you have a photographic memory.

This is where LogMote comes in handy, providing a password-free log-in service where you access web services on your desktop through QR code scanning. We have already reviewed Uniclau, another app of this sort, but LogMote fills in some of the features that the Uniclau app lacks.

LogMote is an all-in-one solution to your password needs: managing all of your online service accounts, password backup or recovery, and its highlighted feature: QR code-based authentication, logging you in by just scanning the QR code on your browser’s screen with your phone’s camera. It’s essentially a solution for passwordless login to your acounts.

The service that this app and Uniclau provide is more or less the same, but LogMote brings in a bunch of new features that Uniclau doesn’t. For instance, Uniclau is only compatible with Google Chrome but LogMote works with Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome, providing password protection for a variety of users.

Using LogMote

Using LogMote requires you to install the desktop plug-in or browser extension and of course, install the app on your mobile Android device. In contrast, Uniclau only requires a browser extension but LogMote’s desktop plug-in comes in pretty handy. It allows you to backup/restore personal LogMote data locally. Once you are done setting up, you just register a valid email address and configure the password mechanism that you prefer.

Aside from the classic password, the app provides you with three access code options: color sequence, pattern drawing, or a numerical value password. Once you have set up your access code, the app then sends a LogMote recovery QR code to your email in case you forget it.

To use the app in accessing your online accounts, you need to add them yourself to the app. It requires some time to configure all your accounts (especially if you have hundreds) but it’s better compared to Uniclau where you can only access accounts supported by the app. You can also tinker with the app’s notification settings of the app to your liking.

Once everything is in place, you just need to tap on the “Start LogMote” option and scan the QR code on your browser with your mobile Android device. It’s very convenient and safer compared to typing in passwords manually. Additionally, the access code that you configure in the app serves as your master password, making it even more convenient for you.

The free version of the app already gives you ample handy features, but you can also subscribe to a three-month or one-year plan to enjoy automatic online backups of your personal LogMote data, an ad-free interface, syncing of multiple devices, and the amazing feature of locking your computer remotely using your mobile Android device.

Try the app today by downloading LogMote free from the Google Play Store.