Samsung Galaxy S3

Another day, another report emphasizing Samsung’s almost complete control over the Android market. Or, in this particular case, two reports already. And it’s not even dawn on the West Coast yet.

After a very flattering Canalys survey that had Sammy holding a 29% share of the global smartphone market during Q4 2012, it’s time for more good news for the Galaxy via Localytics. The mobile analytics firm has released a very interesting top 10 focused only on Android devices supposedly in use throughout January 2013.

And while the Galaxy S3’s leadership position doesn’t come as a major shocker, the incredibly heavy presence of various Samsung devices in the top 10 does. Believe it or not, Sammy has eight of those ten leading Android devices, including the first six.

The only outsiders that kept this Samsung win from turning into a severe humiliation for the rest of the Android world come from Amazon and Motorola – the Kindle Fire, in seventh, and Droid Razr, in ninth.


The GS3’s lead over the silver medalist might not be as massive as you’d expect (just 1%), but that’s no sweat for Samsung. It’s all good in the Galaxy family, with the S3 holding a 9.2% market share and the S2 coming behind at 8.2%.

Another minor surprise might be the absence of both GNote “phablets” from the podium. The Galaxy Ace is instead the winner of the bronze medal, with 3%, followed closely by the first-gen Note (2.6%) and the Note 2 (2%).

The Galaxy Y is sixth, with 1.9%, followed by the Kindle Fire, the apparent leader of the Android tablet market, with 1.7%. But not even Amazon’s tab win is very clear, because the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is breathing down Fire’s neck with 1.4%. Moto’s Droid Razr and the OG Epic 4G wrap up the top ten, both with 1.3% shares.


If we add those numbers together, we’ll get an impressive 29.6% share for Samsung’s top 8 devices, which sounds about right when considering Localytics notes that “Samsung as a whole made up 47% of Android devices worldwide” in January. That’s tied with December and slightly below November’s 48% share.

Looking at recent history, we also have to note GS3’s continuing rise. The 4.8-incher is in fact king for the first time, with the S2 holding the top spot in December by only 0.1%. Other interesting movements are Note 2’s rise from ninth in December to fifth now, but also a baffling boost for the Tab 2 7.0 (11th in December, eight now).

Meanwhile, there seems to be very little hope for any kind of charge from outside Sammy’s Galaxy. The Nexus 7 is still out of the top ten, HTC didn’t even have a single device in December’s top 20, while Nexus 4’s scarce availability has moved one step up, but it’s probably not enough to make the LG handheld a serious contender.

All that considered, we ask you again – is “Galaxy” to become equivalent for “Android” in the future? Is it already?

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