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LoboWiki - Wikipedia Reader: Simplicity plus convenience for focus on reading

August 3, 2012

No matter how clear your mobile Android device’s screen may be, whether Super AMOLED or Super LCD, it wouldn’t make much of a difference in reading if your screen is cluttered with unnecessary widgets and other stuff that could draw away your focus.

This is precisely the purpose that reader apps are trying to serve, providing comfortable zones for your reading. LoboWiki is an app of this sort, dedicated to letting you digest Wikipedia content easily with a neat and intuitive interface, not to mention that it’s holo-powered for a better visual experience.

LoboWiki is an app designed for users who engage themselves in long hours of reading. Though the nifty features that it sports are designed to be enjoyed by dedicated readers, it’s crafted to make everyone read easily by minimizing distractions. Just looking at the app’s interface, the best adjective to fit is “neat,” with unwanted ads or sloppy links nowhere to be found.

Upon using the app, you will immediately notice that simplicity is the app’s unique selling point. As mentioned, the app’s interface is maximized for reading, nothing fancy — just a pure reading application.

The app makes things easier for you to operate while, at the same time, sporting cool features. For instance, if you decide to click a link when reading an article, the page is not automatically loaded. Instead, that specific article link is added to the reading queue so that you can continue reading your current digest.

The intuitiveness doesn’t stop with the reading queue feature. To eliminate the hassle of tapping on the list of articles on the reading queue, the app allows for an easy swipe gesture to move between queued articles. Just swipe up or down to see the full content of a particular article and swipe left to right to switch between the articles in the reading queue.

Despite being fresh on the market, LoboWiki is worth trying out, especially if you are an avid reader who is always on the go. The app’s user-friendliness is also augmented by the Wikipedia feature of supporting numerous languages and characters.

As of the moment, this app is still a beta version, which means the occurrence of bugs and issues cannot be ruled out. You can download LoboWiki – Wikipedia Reader free from the Google Play Store.