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Livr social network only allows users to login if they fail a breathalyser test

An upcoming social network named Livr will only allow users to login if they’re drunk, using a breathalyser, allowing party animals to get up to their usual hijinks without being publicly exposed.
March 7, 2014

This is one of the most novel, and humorously named, ideas that I’ve seen in a while – Livr, the social network for drinkers.

The social network can only be accessed via a breathalyser test, which plugs into your Android device’s USB port. If you score a sufficiently high blood alcohol content level, the app will allow you to enter. The idea here is that sober members of society can’t simply hop onto the app and see what you’ve been up to on your nights out, so no more trying to explain those drunken pictures to your mother.

Livr also comes with its own drinking themed features, such as a crowd sourced truth or dare game and the ability to “drunk dial” other users who are signed into the app. If it all gets a bit too messy, the developers have even included a “Blackout” button to reset and wipe out all record of what you got up to that evening. Alternatively, there’s the option to send a morning report if you got up to something that you’d really like to share. There’s also a section for drinks deals in the nearby area and after hours places that are still serving. If you want to take a look at some of the other features and inspirations behind Livr, check out the video below.

The app will be arriving this spring, but the pricing isn’t clear at this point. One thing’s for sure though, you will need to buy the breathalyser before the fun can begin. Can you see yourself drinking up to log in, or are new social networks stretching a bit far to find a unique edge?