LiveMap helmet

If you have a motorcycle, and find yourself wishing you had some navigation capabilities, Google Glass may intrigue you. If dodging your eyes from the road doesn’t seem like a great idea, some engineers in Russia have you covered.

A helmet, named LiveMap, is being designed to allow motorcyclists a heads-up display. The unit is said to have LTE, and be powered by two 3,000mAh batteries. GPS will accompany the HUD, and of course be voice controlled. It will be Android based, but highly altered to avoid folks watching movies or playing games while speeding down the road in their Ducati.

How much, you ask? It’s priced at $1,500 for now, with a working model set to cradle the heads of early adopters sometime next year. It will meet all international safety standards, and promises to be about as light as a regular helmet.

It looks cool, and the display is very Daft Punk. If you want to support the project, head over to their Indiegogo page. There are lots of levels for funding, and you can make this a reality for as little as $1. If you want to see it for yourself, check out the video below.