Android fans love to change their devices’ wallpapers from time to time.  A static wallpaper, however, can become boring and bland.  Here are five of the best live wallpapers that I’ve found for your Android phone.  Live wallpapers, in contrast to static wallpapers, display animation and movement as background to your screen.

Although I’ve arranged the apps in ascending order, the choice is purely and subjectively mine.  Your list might be arranged differently.

All five wallpaper apps are free for you to grab from the Android Market.  I’ve also added a video review showing these five wallpapers in action, so check out the video review at the end.

#5 Ice Galaxy (Free)

Ice Galaxy is a nice and smooth live wallpaper.  Nothing too outrageous here. This wallpaper keeps it rather simple–a nice, mellow movement of an ice-themed galaxy. In my opinion, it’s very cool how this wallpaper smoothly moves and changes position while it glistens in the background. This wallpaper, of course, deserves a download.

#4 3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper (Free)

3D Fire Flies Live Wallpaper creates a very unique arrangement of colors that fly around sporadically. This wallpaper really draws your attention in with its vibrant colors and movement.  I’ve yet to witness any sort of lag from this wallpaper. It definitely deserves a download, as well.

#3 3D Skyrocket Live Wallpaper (Free)

3D Skyrocket Live Wallpaper consists of an amazingly realistic fireworks display right on your phone’s screen. Though it does not include interaction, it does pack a few nice features such as camera turning and tracking, realistic smoke, vivid lighting, and more than 18 total cool effects. Almost everyone enjoys fireworks.  You might like this live wallpaper, too.

#2 Twisted Colors (Free)

Twisted Colors is a great wallpaper featuring interesting swirl-like effects of colors that twist into different colors as they emerge. You have the option to choose three colors from the settings menu, if you’d like. I highly recommend this live wallpaper.

#1 Crazy Colors (Free)

Crazy Colors is the craziest of the bunch, and my personal favorite.  While testing it, my phone never showed a bit of lag. I mainly choose this as my number one for the simple fact that I love how simple it is and how it draws my attention. You are able to pick any three colors you like and set them for the wallpaper. This wallpaper is basically just a ball of light that spreads out through the screen that.  It changes colors while it spreads out. It is simple yet done so well that it catches my eye all day long. If you like colorful live wallpapers, check this live wallpaper out.  I wasn’t disappointed with it, and neither will you most likely be.

If you’d like to see all five in action check out the in-depth video below:

What live wallpaper apps are on your list of favorites?

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