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Samsung announces full list of Galaxy S4 accessories and pricing

If you're looking for accessories to accompany your pre-ordered Galaxy S4 then you should check out this list of official products and prices.
April 17, 2013
Galaxy S4 Hard Case

Planning on buying a Galaxy S4 but wonder what you’re going to have to spend to own all those fancy accessories? Well Samsung has finally announced the full pricing details for the official accessories, and there are also a few additions to the already busy line-up unveiled at the time of the Galaxy S4’s announcement.

Prices vary from $29.99 to $99.99 for products ranging from phone covers to gaming accessories, we have the full price list below.

Covers & Cases

The standard flip cover comes in a wide variety of colours, including Black Mist, White Frost, Light Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, and Yellow, which will set you back a fairly significant $39.99.

If you want to try something a little different, the S View Cover allows you access a small part of the screen through a small window in the cover. Users can view the date and time, battery life, read text messages, and answer or reject calls whilst keeping the cover closed. The Auto Wake-Up function also activates upon opening the cover, eliminating the need to unlock the screen manually.

Galaxy S4 S View Cover

The S View Cover comes in a choice of Black Mist or White Frost, and costs a little dearer at $59.99.

Finally, the Protective Cover+ is designed to protect your handset from the inevitable accidents. It’s the cheapest cover, costing just $29.99, and again comes in a variety of colers, including White, Navy, Green, Blue and Pink.

Battery & Charging

Samsung is also selling a spare battery charging system for $49.99. The pack comes with a spare 2600mAh battery, a battery charging stand, and a wall charger.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also compatible with Samsung’s 9000mAh universal battery pack. Being a battery, this pack is fully compatible with the Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab 2, as well as other devices like the Nexus 10. A significantly longer lasting battery can be all yours for $79.99.

Docking Stations

Those of you familiar with Samsung’s universal accessories might have come across its Smart Dock before. The aim is to turn your smartphone into a small desktop computer, by adding in support for larger screen monitors, a keyboard and mouse, and connectivity to external audio devices.

The dock comes equipped with three USB inputs for enhanced connectivity, an HDMI output to connect to a larger display, and a 3.5mm output jack for stereo speakers. At $99.99 is a reasonable price to pay to adds tons of extra functionality to your Galaxy S4.

Alternatively you could opt for the Universal Multimedia Desktop Dock instead, a compact dock which folds flat for portability. The dock connects via micro USB and can charge your handset as well as play music through an external speaker thanks to the 3.5mm audio output. It’s cheaper than the Smart Dock, but you do lose the USB and HDMI connections. On the plus side, it will only cost you half the price, at only $49.99. The dock is also compatible with the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Rugby Pro, Galaxy Victory 4G, Galaxy Express, and probably quite a few others.

And the rest

Samsung also has a range of other products to fill some of your more niche needs, all of which are compatible with its new Galaxy S4 handset.

AllShare Cast Wireless Hub

This is a pretty impressive device that allows you to wirelessly share content with any nearby HDTV or HDMI display.

samsung wireless hub
Just plug the wireless hub into the HDMI port of any display to share music, picture, or video content over your home network to your large screen. The Wireless Hub will set you back $99.99, but will work with a number of other smartphones and tablets as well.

Universal Vehicle Navigation Mount

This is just a universal product, but will easily fit the Galaxy S4. The grip works with most smartphones with screens sized between 4 and 5.5 inches. It has a full 360 degree rotation capability, but at $49.99 it’s quite an expensive solution to propping up your handset whilst driving.

MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter

This elegant $39.99 cable allows you to connect the Micro USB port from your Galaxy S4 to an HDMI display, in order to effortlessly show off and share pictures and video in your living room. It’s a much cheaper alternative to the Wireless Hub and again this device is compatible with a variety of other products, including the popular Galasy S3, and Note 2.

HS-330 Headphones

Samsung’s $29.99 HS-330 headphones comes with two speakers in each ear, a separate woofer for low end and a tweeter for high frequencies, which should result in a flatter frequency range and an improved listening experience. The headphones have a mini remote for adjusting volume and skipping through tracks, and are again compatible with the Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

HM3300 Bluetooth Headset 

The HM3300 is a universal Bluetooth headset, which supports NFC for easier device coupling. For $49.99 it features HD voice, audio streaming, and voice prompts in six different languages. You’ll also have your pick of colours, including Titan Gray, Marble White, and Pebble Blue.

Galaxy Muse

The final product in the line-up is the Galaxy Muse portable music player, which is specifically designed to complement the Galaxy series of smartphones.

samsung galaxy muse
The portable music player syncs music directly from your Galaxy S4, Note 2, and other Samsung devices, a convenience that can be purchased for $49.99.

It’s great that all the accessories, appart from the cosmetic ones, are compatable with a wide variety of existing Samsung devices. If you already own any of the above, or want one to go with one of your existing Samsung products and your new Galaxy S4, you won’t have any problems with compatability.

If that’s not enough to sink your teeth into, remember that the Gaming Pad is rumoured to cost around $99.99 at launch, and there’s also the health orientated heart rate monitor and body scale to accompany this already hefty list of accessories.