Liquipel Water Proofing Demonstration

You might know Liquipel’s waterproofing technology from before, with the Santa Ana, Calif.-based company being a mainstay of consumer electronics show for a while now. For one reason or another, we weren’t able to have a demo of Liquipel’s nanocoating tech until now, but that finally changed at this edition of MWC.

Darcy and Josh spent some time with Kevin Bacon from Liquipel (insert joke here) and we got a nice demo of the waterproofing technology applied on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Needless to say, the demo unit, which was coated with Liquipel’s water repelling film prior to the demo, survived repeated dunks in a bowl of water.

To make devices, or really almost any object, waterproof, Liquipel applies a very thin layer of a water repelling substance on all the surfaces of the object, by exposing them to a gas in a special chamber. Because the substance is gaseous, it can trickle into every corner of the device, thus ensuring total protection. The best thing about it is the fact that all ports, like USB or audio, remain accessible and functional.

Currently, customers have to send their device in for the treatment, but Liquipel is now rolling out LiquiPods, which are small machines that can be used in retail locations. The company recently announced that it licensed its technology to companies from around the world, so a “Liquipelled” device might come near you very soon.

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