Liquipel Skins

Admit it — you’re clumsy. You’d love to have one of those devices you can drop from a helicopter, but they’re not cool. The HTC One is cool, but it’s not waterproof or impact resistant. What to do?

Liquipel, a company that specializes is straddling the line between cool and durable, has focussed on waterproofing devices. Their send away service is easily the best option for true waterproofing of any device, and can withstand some serious dunks, but what about drops and other general “oops” moments?

Today, the company announces “Skins”, which is a durable coating for your device to absorb shock from bumps, falls, or whatever else you encounter in your day-to-day awkwardness. Unlike Liquipel’s waterproofing, which requires the device to be sent away, these skins can be applied by the user:

[quote qtext=”Installation is an easy, three-step process thanks to a new formulation of silicone adhesive that eliminates the need for any solutions found with older-style films. Many screen protectors on the market require spray bottles and squeegees to be applied to devices. Skins make it easier for consumers by offering a tool-free, 100 percent dry installation-no spray bottles, no squeegees, no bubbles and no hassles. The adhesive is so advanced that it does most of the work for users during the application process.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 for Android, they’re listed as “Out of Stock” on the Liquipel site. Liquipel notes that more product skins will follow, too. By waterproofing and utilizing Skins from Liquipel, your device could be slick and life-proof. that’s the win-win we’ve been looking for.