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Looking for a fast, stable, and fully customizable ROM for your Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Let the LiquidSmooth v1.35 ROM transform your phone into a beastly example of what one can do with a rooted Android! Running Android 4.0.4, LiquidSmooth v1.35 unlocks the latest features available on the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. When using this ROM, users can effortlessly tweak every feature of their phone, including some that were recently fenced off.

So, let’s dive into the Liquidsmooth goodness!


  • Extremely responsive, slim, resource friendly UI
  • Backup/Restore Liquid Control configurations
  • Liquid Control allows for the manipulation, customization, and optimization of nearly every area of the ROM.
  • Full screen mode
  • Incremental Navbar Heights to tweak the size just to your liking!
  • Includes 5 Lockscreen options
  • Customizable Navbar background color, button glow speed, colorkeys.
  • Center clock mod/customizable Color
  • Customizable battery icons
  • PropModder, a new convenient way to edit your build.prop with the flick of a finger!
  • Quad/Octo Lockscreen with native/(now customizable) ICS icons
  • Native Overclocking/Undervolting Performance Utility
  • Native Gamma/Color Control
  • Uniform ICS theme throughout the ROM

What stands out?

From this impressive list of features, which one puts LiquidSmooth ahead of other ROM’s?

Let’s start with the ability to assign custom navigation bar icons/actions. This is a feature that has been untouched through many months of Ice Cream Sandwich development. This new ability is a real breakthrough, and will leave other ROMs scrambling to add its functionality.

Like videos? Then you will love the fullscreen capabilities that LiquidSmooth can offer. Want to create different profiles to suit your needs? It’s just a tap away.


Quite simply, the bottom line is: if you have a Galaxy Nexus, you love customizing your phone’s UI, and need a ROM that is quick, clean, and easy to install, check out and download the LiquidSmooth 1.35 ROM from the source link below!

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