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Linux to add support for ARM Architectures

Linus Torvalds in an official statement has revealed that Linux Kernel will support ARM architectures in the future. This is a great news for developers and users alike, because it will make porting Android ROMs to newer devices easier.
December 14, 2012

Are you an Android kernel developer? If yes then we have got great news for you. Those who develop kernels for Android devices know how frustrating porting a kernel to a new device has always been. Well if you share that notion and would like this process to get easier than it is right now, you will be pleased to know that Linus Torvalds has announced ARM support in Linux.

Linux is following Microsoft, which already offers support for ARM architecture in Windows RT.

The first list of supported ARM architectures includes some server SoCs and development boards. Although the list is short at the moment it’s expected that more consumer oriented SoCs found in Android devices will be added soon. While we are going in the right direction, don’t get too excited just yet as Android is a few versions behind the latest stable Linux kernel and it might take a while for it to get in sync.

While this step by the Linux kernel team will make it easier for developers to port Android ROMs on new devices, the news is just as good for average Android user like you and me, as we will now see quicker ports of popular ROMs to our devices.

If everything goes according to plan we will start seeing the effects of this step in 2013.