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Android grandfather Linus Torvalds reviews the Nexus 7: “so far, very positive”, skinning Android is like “pee in the snow”

He is pretty impressed with Google’s first tablet
July 21, 2012
linus torvalds

Linus Torvalds, father of Linux, open source luminary, and uber-geek, has took to Google Plus to express his opinion on the hot new Nexus 7. Spoiler – he is pretty impressed with Google’s first tablet, which he calls “solid”; the impression is “so far, very positive.”

Torvalds, who was most recently in the news for giving Nvidia the middle finger, discusses some of the key features present on (or missing from) the Nexus 7. The missing rear-camera doesn’t faze him too much, and he brings up the same reason ASUS raised to justify the absence of the feature: in that price-range, a camera would have been ”pretty nasty”.

The creator of Linux (the open source system is the foundation of Android) goes on to praise stock Android. He calls the overlays that OEMs apply to Android, like TouchWiz, Sense, or Motoblur, the “pee in the snow” model, which makes Android phones “look and act horrible” just for the sake of differentiation.

Head to Google Plus to see Linus Torvalds’ full post and let us know what you think of it.