LinkedIn, after having surpassed 200 million members, is looking to further improve its service by buying the Pulse news reader. According to a report by AllThingsD, LinkedIn could buy it for somewhere between $50 and $100 million USD.

Pulse launched in 2010 and since then has become a big competitor to social readers like Flipboard. Social and video feeds were added to Pulse recently, but that’s not all why LinkedIn is looking at buying the social reader.

LinkedIn unveiled a feature that would allow LinkedIn users to follow influential thought leaders like Tony Robbins on Oct. 2, 2012. Pulse, due to its plugins, would allow LinkedIn to showcase blog posts that its influential thought leaders put up and more.

The terms of the deal haven’t been released yet, and we don’t know what will happen to Pulse if LinkedIn does acquire the news reader. The deal was reported early Monday morning, with sources claiming that it would be announced later in the week.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and Amazon along with a long list of others were also reportedly in talks to buy Pulse, but AllThingsD says LinkedIn is the most likely company to buy the news reader. Let’s hope LinkedIn’s app isn’t a testament to how the Pulse news reader will look like in the future if this goes through.

Brad Ward
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