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With over 200 million members, LinkedIn is, by far, the biggest professional social network of the moment. Not content with dominating its niche, the business-orientated network is looking to expand its horizon by purchasing the news app Pulse.

Pulse isn’t exactly a small service in itself, with 30 million users choosing the content aggregating app to read articles from hundreds of online publishers. The value of the acquisition has been initially ballparked at around $50-$100 million, but AllThingsD has stated that the purchase cost LinkedIn $90 million.

The move tells us that LinkedIn is looking to be more than just a business site, and Pulse could be just the first move in that direction. LinkedIn VP Deep Nishar commented on the corporate blog that “We believe LinkedIn can be the definitive professional publishing platform – where all professionals come to consume content and where publishers come to share their content.”

“We believe we can help all professionals make smarter and more informed business decisions leveraging all the great business knowledge flowing through LinkedIn in the form of news, Influencer posts, industry updates, discussions, comments and more.”

Despite the purchase, Pulse’s existence is not under threat — the app’s developers have said that they will be continuing development of the app for the immediate future. However, LinkedIn has a somehow similar service of its own – LinkedIn Today. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see a merger between the two services somewhere down the line.

Andrew Roach

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