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Kickstarter pick: Save $80 on the Lightwell watch

The seductive Lightwell watch is such a great opportunity for backers that it raised 30% of it's Kickstarter target on day 1. It's not to late to join get on board.
May 17, 2018
Lightwell watch

Kickstarter has changed the retail landscape forever. Manufacturers or artists get their funding, and those who back them get a great deal in reward for their faith.

We’ve found one such deal that might just peak your interest. The Lightwell Solar-Powered Watch absolutely screams quality, and a limited number of backers can pre-order one for as little as $180.

In return for providing this startup capital the watch is shipped directly to you, so there are no high mark-up costs for the designers to bear. This allows the lion-share of your investment to fund the high quality and responsibly-sourced materials.

'An exceptional and impressively flawless watch has finally appeared on Kickstarter after a long time' -GearGreed

Take the solar-powered element for instance. Only the most hardened eco-warrior would be troubled by the carbon footprint of a watch battery. However, you needn’t worry about the Lightwell watch slowing for lack of power.

Check this out:

  • It converts natural and artificial light into energy.
  • One minute under the sun provides 24 hours of power.
  • At full charge, the Lightwell watch operates for six months without light.

It seems you’d need to throw it in the back of the cupboard until Christmas to stop it from telling the time.

That seems unlikely, as it really does look to be a stylish timepiece. The various subtle colors and straps available attest to that.

It’s not a front either. The industry’s most durable components are used to build the Lightwell watch, including scratch-proof sapphire crystal.

Lightwell watch

There’s a lot more to admire about the Lightwell watch, including the dedication of the designers to sustainability – 60% recycled materials are used in the build and one percent of sales are pledged to environmental protection – but the glowing reviews say it all.

At the time of writing only 240 more backers can take advantage of the biggest $80 discount. To be one of them or to find out more, head to the kickstarter page via the button below.

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