Call it functional, amazing, or just about anything else—but if you’re the serious type, you’re going to enjoy this new product for your Android phone. Using your Android smartphone, you now have the power to turn it into a powerful tool for your seminars—thanks to LightPad Pico Projector.

During CES 2012 this week, lots of new products were introduced to the world’s best technology geeks and people in the know. While there were a number of new products and technologies that were instant attractions, there were also those that proved they still needed more study.

However, if there was one product that caught the attention of the public was LightPad G1, a real transformer. It is neither a smartphone, tablet, nor laptop computer; but it has the ability to change your smartphone into one, well, pretty close.

The LightPad G1 is actually a dock, which transforms your smartphone into a laptop. Through the dock, you can project the contents of your device onto a large surface. Moreover, you can also use the LightPad G1 as a QWERTY keyboard.

The good thing about the dock is the fact that it can easily be taken along wherever you go, as it is about the same size as an A4 paper. To convert project your files, you simply need to connect the projector in the back of your smartphone. It will then transfer images from your smartphon onto a 11-inch screen; giving you a screen resolution of 854x480p. The LightPad G2 is also available with a 1280x720p screen resolution.

Other than Android, the projector can be used on other operating systems such as iOS and Windows.

Christine Torralba
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