It would be hard to believe a bluetooth speaker could be stuck inside a light bulb, a feat LightFreq has managed to shatter with its new product. LightFreq mixes both sound and light for an experience that only makes sense, but hasn’t quite been exploited. As CEO Devin mentions, “light and sound have always gone hand in hand.”

Aside from the helpful multi-colored LED lighting, LightFreq sports built-in HD audio, in addition to featuring Bleutooth and WiFi connectivity. The device can do everything you imagine and more. It can easily replicate what Phillips’ Hue does, allowing you to customize color notifications to work along with your smartphone. The addition of bluetooth speakers also makes these great party accessories, as the light can change colors and follow the beat of your tunes.

Those are features we have all seen, now let’s jump into how sound and light can make for a unique experience in tandem. A unique feature is that you can have your music and/or light follow you throughout the house, as you move from room to room (so long as you are carrying your smartphone).

Another unique feature is the light bulb’s intercom capabilities. It’s possible to use smartphones to speak through LightFreqs across a house or business, making them simple and fast communications tools. You really can’t get much better than this when it comes to finding the right smart light bulb. The deal gets even sweeter if you were already thinking of getting a wireless speaker.

How do I get it?


This project sounds like the perfect Kickstarter sensation, and that it is. LightFreq has taken the crowd sourcing road and has already doubled its $50,000 goal. You can still get your hands on a LightFreq by pledging as little as $70. Their Kickstarter page does offer more intricate demos and videos, so give it a look if you are interested in this noteworthy smart bulb.

Edgar Cervantes

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