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LG's third-generation Google TVs announced

LG has announced its third-generation Google TV lineup at CES 2013. There are many more models than in 2012 and several screen size options.
January 7, 2013

LG introduced its new and expanded lineup of Google TVs today at CES. There will be seven models for 2013, up from only two in 2012 and five screen sizes. The new GA6400 series will feature screen sizes of 42, 47, 50, 55, and 60 inches, while the GA7900 will include only 47 and 55 inch models.

To aid in allowing users to find TV content as quickly as possible, Google and LG partnered to combine Google’s voice and search features with LG’s G3 series and magic remote.

Some features of LG’s third generation Google TVs include Google TV Smart Home, voice search, PrimeTime, and YouTube send to TV. There will also be a SmartShare feature to allow users to share content from their mobile devices to their TV. Also announced was a partnership between OnLive and LG for support for the LG Google TV G3 series. This will bring over 300 gaming titles to the platform.

LG was light on announcements at CES, but the company did introduce a couple other things of interest. LG plans to bring smart refrigerators and washing machines to market that are compatible with smartphones. This will allow you to keep track of grocery use in your fridge, as well as keep up with your laundry wash cycle via your smartphone.

What do you guys think? Do you have interest in a new LG Google TV? How about using your phone to keep track of the cleanliness of your dirty socks?