Just a few days after LG announced the Optimus Pad LTE, they have made waves once again. This time, they are introducing their new high-end smartphone running on 4G LTE network. In fact, the LG X3 is suspected to be the company’s flagship Android 4.0 model. Plans of introducing the new smartphone to the public is already being set for next month’s Mobile World Congress.

Based on the details gathered by Pocketnow, the smartphone will be equipped with a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1280x720p screen, 4.7-inch display, a stellar 8MP camera, 1.3MP front facing camera, 16GB storage, NFC, 2000mAh battery, 4.0 HSPA+ connectivity and Bluetooth. Pretty impressive specs for a smartphone having an alleged sub-9mm profile.

Even with an announcement next month, the US is still several months shy of getting the phone. Basing this on LG’s track record, the LG X3 might not be reaching American shores before other countries. One of the predictions on when the phone will reach the US is late spring or early summer.