LG G Watch unboxing initial setup (5 of 13)

An interesting looking patent has just passed through the US Patent and Trademark Office, which grants LG another patent for a mobile phone. Nothing unusual so far, LG patents plenty of phone designs, but when we look at the actual documentation, the device looks much more like a smartwatch than a smartphone.

Putting two and two together suggests that is device could be a phone first and foremost, but compressed into a smartwatch form factor. The implication being that the device will be able to take calls, texts, etc autonomously. We have previously heard rumors that LG may be planning a version of the G Watch with a built-in SIM card.

LG watch patent fig4

lg watch patent fig6

Sadly, the patent doesn’t contain any hardware specifications or circuit information, so we can’t tell if the device has SIM card support built in, or any of the other essentials needed to make a standalone mobile device.

LG watch patent fig1

Design wise, the patent shows a large elongated display and much thinner bezels that LG’s current G Watch. The display also appears to be slightly curved, although not quite to the extent of Samsung’s Gear Fit.

Unfortunately, design patents published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office don’t offer up anything in the way of dimensions or measurements, so we can’t say for sure how large this display is. We’re can’t be sure on the design materials either, although the curved shape suggests that it would be predominantly built from plastics.

Of course, a patent or trademark doesn’t necessarily mean that the device will be heading to market, it could forever remain an internal prototype. Even so, what do you make of the design? Would you like to see smartwatches with larger screen real-estate? What about the prospect of a smartphone/watch, which can take calls independent of a connected handset?

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