Galaxy Note 3

A new report from South Korea says that LG and Samsung are waging a fierce battle to become the first company that releases a smartphone with a flexible display.

We even have two candidates, one for each company, that will reportedly sport such bendable displays: the LG Vu 3 and the Galaxy Note 3.

The LG Vu 3 will apparently hit stores at some point in the fourth quarter, possibly in October, and will apparently pack a flexible display.

More interestingly, Samsung is said to launch a Galaxy Note 3 version that would have a flexible display. This unconfirmed device should also hit stores at some point next quarter, maybe also in October.

Various rumors said in the past months that the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a flexible display, although they were quickly shot down by other reports that revealed Samsung can’t mass produce enough such displays for a popular handset like a new Galaxy Note model.

For a while, even the Galaxy Gear smartphone was believed to have a smaller flexible display.

Both South Korean company have confirmed that they’re interested in bringing products with flexible displays to market, but that hasn’t happened yet.

That said, we’ll remind you that these are just rumors at this point, and nothing can be confirmed thus far.