Despite looking very promising about two years ago, when it was first released, the Google TV Smart TV platform suffered terribly due to staggered launches of compatible devices, high pricing, and the lack of partnerships with key media companies.

We’ve heard a lot of promises lately about “worldwide launches” of Google TV-enabled devices from Sony or Hisense, but unfortunately Google still seems unable to make real global headway.

After so many bad news there had to be some sunshine on the horizon for the program, and, while we’re still only dealing with a ray or two, we’ll take it and hope for the best. The good news was brought quite surprisingly by LG UPlus, a Korean mobile phone operator and IPTV service provider.

LG UPlus is a subsidiary of the LG Corporation mammoth that already sells 47-inch and a 55-inch SmartTVs with Google TV, but this time around the Koreans are coming with a much smaller and easier to accommodate gizmo.

The LG UPlus set-top box will be offered to customers as an alternative to regular cable boxes, but we don’t know yet how much of a difference will the device make for users financial-wise.

What we do know is that the set-top box will “get more content to watch than ever before, and an easier way to find whatever you’re looking for.” Or in less vague words, live TV, 50,000 on demand titles, and full integration with Google Play apps, Google Search, YouTube and Chrome.

Google and LG UPlus seem to be pretty serious about this new product, which is easy to notice by looking at who they employed to lead the marketing campaign. Korean rapper/international star/all-around nice guy Psy will be bringing some of its Gangnam Style mojo to Google TV, so hopefully Korea will help kick off a fresh start for the Smart TV platform.

Who’s up for some “LG UPlus Style” TV streaming and video on-demand? How about outside Korea, is there still interest surrounding Google TV or has all the excitement died down?