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LG working on 'unbreakable' display as part of new OLED-based focus

LG's plan to create flexible displays is coming along nicely, and the first phase involves crafting displays that can be described simply as "unbreakable." Will these be part of the upcoming new Nexus?
May 3, 2013
LG logo
In one of our earlier reports, it was noted that LG has been busy working on a bunch of new interesting and “futuristic” projects. The company’s display business — LG Display — has shifted focus away from conventional LCDs and onto the exciting new market of OLEDs for use in smartphones. Now, a new report from The Korea Times reveals that there will soon be a new kind of smartphone screen from LG, and it may be described simply with one word: unbreakable.

That’s right, the Korea-based company is looking to deliver its own flavor of unbreakable display to the world soon as part of its plan to dive into the still burgeoning OLED market for phones. If you think that sounds awesome, that’s because it is. Each day, the world gets closer and closer to finally seeing these things for the very first time.

In the Korea Times report, LG spokesman Frank Lee was quoted as saying that LG’s decision to start working on its own unbreakable screens “was aimed at taking a lead over rivals in the race for next-generation displays.” Here, Lee is no doubt referring to other outfits on the quest to create the first unbreakable and bendable or flexible screens, most notably Samsung, which has already shown some steady, albeit slow, progress.

So how is LG’s own work coming along so far? LG’s plan apparently involves using RGB-based OLED display tech in order to fulfill display orders from its numerous clients which include Apple, Dell, Google, and HP. Interestingly, it looks like LG is kind of in a bind, with regard to how it will start collecting potential new OLED display clients. It is said that despite its resources, it may still encounter bottlenecks in production, and it doesn’t want to have to deal with a situation wherein it can’t provide OLED displays for its own products.

LG Nexus 4
The bottom line is, these unbreakable and flexible displays from LG are coming, and they will arrive in the market one way or another — not only through products made by LG’s clients but also through its very own devices such as that new upcoming Nexus phone that we’ve been hearing about.