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LG Electronics to enter the mobile processor market

A spokesperson for LG Electronics has confirmed that the company will begin mass-producing its own mobile application processors “soon”.
April 16, 2014
LG Logo CES 2014 AA-1

LG Electronics looks set to begin production of its own range of mobile application processors for smart devices. According to an LG spokesperson, the company will be mass-producing its own mobile processors “soon”, but declined to elaborate on any timeframes or products set for release.

According to industry sources familiar with Korea’s second largest electronics company, LG’s processors will be manufactured by Taiwan based foundry TSMC, with production scheduled to begin within the second quarter of 2014. This had led to speculation that LG might opt to debut a new chip in its upcoming LG G3 smartphone. However, with the G3 expected to arrive before the summer, things will certainly be tight if LG is to include its own chip with its next flagship handset.

Rumors have also been circulating that LG has been preparing its own octa-core ODIN chip for the upcoming LG G3, although that seems increasingly unlikely at this point. Perhaps the ODIN big.LITTLE chip will show up in another device at some point in the future.

LG hasn’t given anything away about what it has been working on or what its mobile processors will consist of, although I’ll happy bet that it is ARM based like Samsung’s Exynos range. It’s expected that LG will deploy a range of chips for its own high-end products, as well as mid to low end chips for non LG products. These could show up in various devices as early as the third quarter of this year.

It will be interesting to see how existing mobile SoC developers, such as Qualcomm and Samsung, compare with whatever LG has been working on, and more competition is always welcome from a consumer’s point of view. I guess this is yet another reason to keep your eye on the LG G3.