LG steps up its mobile game with the new innovative multitasking function ‘QSlide’, featured on the Optimus G, quite possibly the company’s most ambitious device on the market to date.

Similar features can be found on other devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S III, and the new Note II. However, LG’s take on multitasking allows users to simultaneously run two applications, whilst exploiting the entire 4.7-inch display by having both applications become translucent upon QSlide activation. This will allow users to enjoy luxuries such as typing up an email whilst watching a video, or compose a text whilst viewing movie show times on a web browser.

LG wants to particularly emphasise the fact that instead of having a cramped screen by running two applications back to back on one display, you can simultaneously have full functionality of two apps, both utilizing the entire display. This is what makes LG’s concept essentially unlike any other multitasking feature on other devices.

As with almost every other previous LG device, a video explaining LG’s approach of pushing Android’s capabilities forwards is featured. In this case, senior research engineer Sebastian Hochan Song is explaining the concepts and inspiration behind the new phone’s QSlide function, in the clip below:


How do you think LG’s stab at multitasking compares to other recent endeavours to push Android devices forwards? Let us know in the comments section!