Even if LG’s style of creating buzz before phone releases doesn’t involve spilling the beans on everything about the devices (like HTC, Sony or Samsung’s M.O.s), the Koreans definitely know how to get us excited.

After teasing a “new series” with “unexpected distinction” on Facebook less than 24 hours ago, LG has taken to YouTube to post another ambiguous yet very intriguing teaser. The video clip runs for a good thirty seconds, but it’s almost impossible to find even the slightest hint of a gadget’s name or spec.

What we do know is that later this month Barcelona will be the host of a “breakthrough” from LG. And that we’ll be seeing “unlimited possibilities” explored by the Optimus makers. Now good luck in deciphering exactly what that means.

LG’s MWC 2013 “trailer video” also throws around a bunch of ambiguous adjectives that are supposed to describe the upcoming phone or phones from the company, with highlights on premium, speedy, stylish and creative. Darn, it’s like we know less than we did before this video got uploaded, am I right?

Even if we’re starting to doubt ourselves, we’re going to stick with our assumptions from yesterday for now. Therefore, we’re still expecting LG to refresh last year’s Optimus L line. We know, it sounds pretty boring and it doesn’t really fit the exciting fast-paced teaser clip, but it’s the only lead we have at the moment. What do you guys think?

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