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LG stylus bracelet spotted

@evleaks has come across a couple of images showing off an LG wrist bracelet, which also acts as a stylus. This matches a patent filed by LG earlier this year.
March 18, 2014
evleaks LG wearable close

Wearables have been the talk of the town this year, and it seems that LG has plenty of ideas for this growing market.

@evleaks has come across a couple of images showing off an LG wrist bracelet, which also doubles as a stylus for touchscreen displays. This isn’t the first piece of wearable technology from LG, the company also announced its LifeBand Touch fitness tracker at this year’s CES. The device won our “Best Android Accessory” award at the event.

— @evleaks (@evleaks) March 18, 2014
If this device seems somewhat familiar to you, it’s because it matches up with one of LG’s patents that was spotted back in February. Not only do the two devices look identical, but the patent also covers the stylus functionality which can be seen in the latest picture. Essentially, this appears to be a flexible “slap” wristband which has a capacitive stylus tip at the end.

Further on in the Evleaks tweet, @russellholly points out that LG isn’t exactly keep the device under wraps, in fact the company appears to be handing them out. If you don’t like the bright colours shown off above, the stylus also comes in white and black options.

LG wristband wearable

Interestingly, the original patent includes some additional features which can’t be seen on any of these images, including a small touch screen, which I assume is flexible, at one end of the device, a range of different sensors, and some form of wireless connectivity to pair it with a smartphone, probably Bluetooth. Perhaps LG is working on another fitness device or “smart wristband”, or maybe these features will forever remain as ideas on a patent.

LG stylus patent

Whilst there’s no indication that such a device will ever go on sale, could you see yourself wearing a stylus?