A long, long time ago (more like two months ago, really) – an early Ice Cream Sandwich build for Verizon’s LG Spectrum made it out of the testing room. Owners of the phone were filled with glee believing that an official Android 4.0 update was just around the corner. As the weeks and months have passed without any solid information from LG or Verizon, folks were ready to give up and take the unofficial route instead. If you’re still holding out for an official rollout, there’s some encouraging news coming from LG.

An LG representative has spilled the beans on the incoming ICS update for the LG Spectrum. According to hints on the phone’s support forum, the ICS update is apparently “getting very close.” He falls short on giving a timeline and leaves the task of setting a OTA schedule to Verizon. The announcement may come as early as tomorrow.

If you’re up for some F5-button hitting challenge, you can head to LG’s website, waiting for the announcement of the update to pop up. Alternatively, you can just chill with your LG Spectrum and wait for Verizon to break the news.  At least you have an official confirmation now that ICS is coming.

Excited about the impending update? Got any information about the cold dessert treat for your LG Spectrum? Please leave those precious comments below.

Bams Sadewo
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