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LG smartphone with flexible OLED display coming in Q4 2013, company says

LG has confirmed that a smarpthone with flexible OLED display will be launched in Q4 2013, without specifying any other details about it.
April 25, 2013
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LG has apparently confirmed that it will launch a smartphone packing a flexible OLED display in the fourth quarter of the year, although it didn’t provide any other details on said device.

It was Yoon Bu-hyun who revealed that LG Electronics will work with LG Display to create the flexible OLED display for a smartphone. You won’t get a confirmation better than this that such a device is in the works, considering he’s the vice president of LG’s mobile business.

Posted by the Wall Street Journal, the comment was made around LG’s Q1 2013 financial earnings report, which revealed a solid smartphone performance for LG although it wasn’t only good news, as its TV business didn’t perform that great.

It’s too early to speculate on what kind of mobile device LG will unveil in Q4 2013, complete with a flexible OLED display, but chances are very high that it’s going to be an Android-powered handset. After all, Android smartphones including the Optimus G (review here), the Nexus 4 (review here) and the brand-new Optimus G Pro (review here) were partly responsible for LG’s successful smartphone run in the first quarter of the year right alongside the company’s other Android-based devices.

In Q4 2012, LG launched two of the high-end Android handsets mentioned above, the Optimus G and its brother, the Nexus 4, so it would make sense to assume the company will have at least on flagship in the same period this year, especially considering the early Optimus G2 rumors.

Will a future LG flagship device pack a flexible OLED display, or will LG create a different mobile product to highlight its display technology? Whatever the case is, it will be certainly interesting to follow LG this year, as the company appears to be the only handset maker ready to confirm such smartphone plans this year.

Samsung Youm OLED flexible display demoed at CES 2013.
Samsung Youm OLED flexible display demoed at CES 2013 / Image Credit: The Verge.

That’s because the industry is not quite there yet when it comes to making devices with flexible displays, even though the media has been talking about such products for a few years now, with LG rival Samsung being one other important company working on flexible display

We keep seeing Samsung demo its progress with flexible displays, but the company is yet to release a commercial product. In fact, just recently, Samsung’s mobile head JK Shin did say that devices with flexible displays are still “far off,” in a mid-March interview with the same WSJ, and that it will “take some time” to release such products and that he wasn’t able to disclose the timing of future product releases. Furthermore, a different report also said that Samsung’s flexible OLED displays will be delayed, as the company encountered some manufacturing problems.

The Galaxy Note 3 has been rumored to pack a flexible OLED display, but we’re far from getting official details on the device.

That said, we’ll be back with more details on this mystery LG smartphone in the coming months. Do you even want a flexible display in your pocket?