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LG rolling out new smart appliances, controlled by text messages

LG is now rolling out a new smart fridge, oven and washing machine that can be further controlled by the power of text messages.
May 7, 2014

We are in an age where everything seems to be getting smarter: our phones, our TVs, our cars, our light bulbs and even our general appliances. The only thing that arguably isn’t on the list are people, but I digress. In their quest to make our appliances “even better”, LG has now announced it is now rolling out its previously unveiled Smart Refrigerator, Washing Machine and Lighwave Oven, which all utilize LG’s LINE app and LG’s WiFi-based Homechat system.

The idea is that you can text messages directly to these appliances to get status reports on what they are doing, such as whether your washer is rinsing or if it’s finished the load. The smart oven also has recipe recommendations, the ability to remotely set the temperature via text and so much more. Then there’s the smart fridge, which creepily watches your food with its built-in wide-angle camera and then tracks what food your are taking out in order to generate shopping lists and learn about your food habits.

LG isn’t telling us the pricing just yet, but the appliances are expected to arrive to the U.S. and other major markets in the near future. Whether such smart appliances are really that much more useful or convenient than traditional ones probably is a matter of personal preference.What do you think, like the idea of chatting it up with your favorite appliances?