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LG sells 5 million LTE devices, 1 million in July alone

LG manages to sell 5 million LTE devices in total and it's seeing accelerated growth with 1 million being sold in the month of July. That doesn't help them surpass their arch-rival, Samsung, though, and they need to work a lot harder to do that.
August 15, 2012

LG is announcing that it has sold 5 million LTE devices already, with 1 million being sold in July alone. While that number doesn’t match Samsung’s sales numbers for the Galaxy S3, it’s still a good sign for the company that it’s doing something right. Although, if it truly wants to become “second to none”, as LG claims, it needs to work on more original features and designs, rather than take so much after Samsung’s devices.

The South Korean market is basically split between two companies: Samsung and LG. This has pushed Apple into a tiny market share of around 2% in the region, and forced HTC to get out of the country. Obviously, this is a good thing for Samsung and LG, and it’s one of the reasons why LG has managed to sell so many LTE devices already, even though its impact in the U.S. market is not that great.

Its LG Optimus LTE alone has sold more than 2 million units, while the LG Optimus VU reached 500,000 sales since March. LG is also touting the LG Optimus LTE 2 as a fast seller, selling 500,000 units in the past 70 days. But LG is not content to just selling devices in South Korea and wants to also focus on USA, Japan and parts of Europe and Asia where LTE networks are live.

ABI Research is reporting that there will be 50 million new LTE subscribers this year. Japan is seeing impressive growth with DoCoMo’s Xi service, which has already surpassed 4 million users. The last million was added in the past 6 weeks alone. Despite LG’s claims, the company is still far behind Samsung. The Galaxy S3 LTE has become very popular in the region especially after it has been upgraded to VoLTE, a technology that allows for higher quality calls over LTE.

LG still has a lot to learn from Samsung and others, but at the same time it also needs to stop being in Samsung’s shadow so much and make people recognize  the company for its own unique features and designs. This way LG might actually have the opportunity to surpass Samsung in some cases.