After Samsung launched the Galaxy S3 with S-Voice at the end of May this year, LG came out and announced their “Quick Voice” assistant (a month later) which does many of the same things: maps search, web search, weather, and integrates with apps like Email, Alarm, Calendar and more.

Given LG’s track record of following in Samsung’s footsteps for everything Samsung does, and that they should’ve needed at least a few months to get the Quick Voice app ready, it’s probable they knew about Samsung’s S-Voice way ahead of anyone else.

I wonder how

But while it upsets me to see LG trying to always make the exact same products that Samsung makes, at least I can understand that they both wanted a competitor to Apple’s Siri. But why do they have to name them so close to Samsung’s product names as well? Apparently they are now changing the “Quick Voice” name into “Q Voice”, likely for no other reason than to be “more like Samsung”, and have their “Q Voice” alternative to Samsung’s “S-Voice”.

What bothers me about this, beyond the shameless name-cloning, is that S Voice is a terrible name to use. At least it makes a little bit of sense when Samsung is using it for their Galaxy S device, because S Voice name comes from that. But this shows LG didn’t even put much thinking into it. They just decided that if Samsung has something, then: 1) it must be good and 2) we must do something extremely similar. 

It upsets me seeing LG to keep doing this, because I know they have a lot of potential, but their unwillingness to step out of Samsung’s shadow for just a bit is what’s limiting their potential. As soon as they make something great like the Optimus 4X HD, then they also do something to remind everyone that they’re just building Samsung rip-offs, which makes people think: “why buy the rip-off when I can buy the original?”.

And what are they going to do about Google Now ? Google Now just proves once again that LG should start thinking for itself, because while they were busy trying to replicate what Samsung has, Google has already leapfrogged both. If they thought for themselves, maybe they would’ve realized that Samsung’s idea wasn’t so great, and they would be better off going with Google’s own app. I do hope, at least, that both LG and Samsung don’t make the mistake of removing Google Now from their Jelly Bean updates, because in that case they should be prepared for a huge backlash.