Not that LG and Google have any problem selling the Nexus 4, but the latest Nexus phone has starred in its very first commercial, which highlights the phone’s design and specs, as well as Google’s home-brewed apps and features, Maps included.

If you’ve always wanted to see how the back of the Nexus 4 sparkles, get ready to be razzled and dazzled, as you’ll get a clear view of it not just once, but twice. The video also touts the Photo Sphere and wireless display functions, the superiority of Google Maps, Google Now, and the easy sharing of content using NFC.

We’re sure LG is keen to emulate the same success that the Nexus 4 has been enjoying on Google Play Store, as it prepares to unleash the flagship device in several international markets early next year. The ad will certainly help persuade folks to spend more on the unsubsidized phone.

Bams Sadewo
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