LG Quad Core 10 MP Camera
Although LG have recently announced that they’ve managed to sell north of 3 million LTE smartphones in a number of 10 countries worldwide, the South Korean manufacturer is still struggling to make profit out of its mobile business.

It’s in this context that LG has confirmed rumors regarding a new LG smartphone that will feature a quad-core processor as well as a camera with a resolution bigger than 10 megapixels. More detailed specs are currently unavailable, although we do expect the said smartphone to be a notable improvement over the LG Optimus 4X, a smartphone also equipped with a quad-core processor, albeit with a lesser, 8MP camera.

If a recent report from The Chosunilbo is to be believed, LG Electronics chairman Koo Bon-moo is taking a page out of the Steve Jobs book by directly involving himself in the planning and development of the next flagship smartphone from LG. Although his experience in the field might not be as impressive as that of the former Apple CEO, Koo Bon-moo seems to have a good grasp of the things that his company should change. Remember that this is the same chairman who publicly stated that LG is not making enough out of their own technology, despite the fact that parts from subsidiaries such as LG Display, LG Chem and LG Innotek are being used (to a heightened degree of success) by other smartphone manufacturers.

As a side note, I want to draw your attention on the fact that LG announced that they are working on a thinking smartphone months before Google has introduced Google Now, a product that brings much of the futures that LG was reportedly planning for their “thinking” smartphone. Here goes hoping that this is it!

From the looks of it, LG officials are not content with the fact that their mobile division is unable to match the success met by LG products in other segments of the consumer electronics market (such as TVs and displays). From an end-user perspective, we can only hope that LG will succeed in creating smartphones that can truly rival flagships offered by the likes of Samsung and HTC. Competition is always a good thing!

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